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Lucy by miriamscully119 Lucy :iconmiriamscully119:miriamscully119 6 1
.:To Tell Or Not To Tell:.
Dear Diary,
Today was the last day of school before summer break. I was going to tell my crush, and friend, how I feel about him, but I couldn't bring myself to. That could ruin everything… Plus, he could have anyone he wanted. Why would he want me? I really like him, but I can't say anything. What I f he doesn't feel the same, or he doesn't wanna be friends after I've told him.  I hate myself for not being able to. I don't even know if I'll actually get to see him this summer. Summer. A whole three months without Lovot.  No. Gosh, I should have told him! But I heard he liked someone else… Someone… not me.  I couldn't stand it if he rejected me….
Till later,
Dear Diary,
I did it. I told Lovot how I felt. I saw him on the str
:iconmiriamscully119:miriamscully119 1 2
.:Best-Friends...Turned More.:.
Niall and I had been friends since second grade… Before he got famous. No- I'm so not jealous, just annoyed. I miss having my best friend to my own. And maybe I had a teeny tiny crush on him. Yeah- I said it. I have a crush on Niall Horan of One Direction. But who doesn't? I couldn't ever tell him this, though.  What if he didn't feel the same? Or even worse- it weirded him out and he didn't want to be my friend because of it. No. I can't risk that.  Speak of the Irish man, he was calling me.
When I picked up I heard screaming- he must be in his hotel, I thought. "Hello?" he said in his deep Irish accent. "Hey!" I said. "Um… so, we're coming to Michigan… and I was wondering if you wanted to hang out while we were there?" "I'd love to, Niall." I smiled. Maybe I will get to see my best friend after all.
The next day Niall showed up at my house- Just him. "Hi love." He said. "Hi, where are the guys?" I asked, genuinely confused. "Eh, well, I wanted to te
:iconmiriamscully119:miriamscully119 1 4
.:I've Been Waiting For This:.
  I was in my room getting ready for my date… My friend Niall set me up with his friend- Louis. I was excited, he sounded interesting and I had been single for a while. I was straightening my hair when I burned my neck. I let off a few curses, this is so going to show with my outfit. But I finished getting ready, just in time, too. The door bell rang as I was pulling on my heels. I opened the door; only to find the handsome boy I suspected to be Louis standing there, looking nervous.  "Hi…" he squeaked out "I'm Louis." I giggled at the awkwardness and said "Hi, I'm Adrian." He looked up at me, blushing "You have a cute laugh, you know that?" I blushed "Thanks…" "Shall we go?" he asked, holding out his arm for me… he was such a goof! "We shall!" I said.
After the ride to the restaurant, of which was full of giggles and "I can't believe you did that"s, we were finally there. He hopped out, skipping, yes skipping, over to my door and opening it. "My
:iconmiriamscully119:miriamscully119 3 7
Burned Brownies
Burned Brownies
Larry Stylinson
                Though Louis Tomlinson isn’t the best chef in the world, you can commend him on his ability to bake brownies. And that’s exactly what the eldest member of One Direction was doing when his flatmate, and bandmate, Harry Styles, came up behind him, locking him in a warm embrace. “Hazza, I need to get these in the oven for Nialler!” Louis protested. Harry simply nuzzled his head further into the crook of Louis’ neck. “But, Boo, I want cuddles.” He pouted. Louis sighed, “I need to get these in the oven…” “Fine,” Harry said. “I’ll be on the couch.” And with that, he detangled himself from the older boy’s warmth and went to sit down.
                Louis put the brownies in the
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I want to say thanks here to all who fave!

"Art can mean a lot of things. At the heart of it, art is doing something you really believe in. Like my wife, she volunteers helping underprivileged kids, that’s her art. To me, anything that you do that you truly believe in makes you an artist. It doesn’t necessarily mean being a painter or a film maker. That’s art, but there’s more to it than that. As long as you’re pouring your heart and soul into what you’re doing, that’s the weapon."- Ray Toro, My Chemical Romance


Feline Masquerade by scarlet-moon1 Feline Masquerade :iconscarlet-moon1:scarlet-moon1 161 9
To Hunt... (Intro) Avengers x Reader
It had actually been a long time since you had been called in by Fury to help out. He knew that you usually did your job just fine on your own and you were one of the few people on this planet he really trusted. Normally he only called you in if he had a lead for something big, something that fell into your... unique field of activity.
To tell the truth you were one of the very few hunters (you only knew of two others) who took down their prey in the city. Not that you had any normal prey. Anyone could hunt for a deer or boar, and none of those would be found in the city anyway. No, your prey ranged from the occasional Demon to Vampires, Werewolves and all the other monsters that most humans believed to be myths and legends. Live as a hunter was always a hard one, but live as a hunter on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s payroll with a real S.H.I.E.L.D. badge (aside from the other fake ones that you used regularly) was at least a bit easier.
While being a (usually off the record) Level 9 agent had its pe
:iconladyaureliablack:LadyAureliaBlack 152 19
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You are welcome. Don't think I don't like you because I'm not responding... I'm just busy.


Ahhh Sorry Friends!!

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 3, 2013, 6:29 PM

    Sorry I have been gone so long friends. I love dA, and I am so sorry that I haven't been posting. I lost my camera charger, and then now that I have one, I lost my camera! It's ridiculous. We are working on my room, and then I go back to school on the 7th. I go back to school shopping (clothes) tomorrow. I already have my school supplies....
What else interesting has been going on??? OH! I got a new phone (iPhone 5). And went to Indiana Beach with my two best friends. Roller Coasters are not my thing.

If you want to see what I'm up to everyday or just keep connected with me more, considering I don't post very much here, please follow my twitter and my tumblr. If you want to, follow my instagram as well.
Twitter: BreyIgnighted
Tumblr: MyChemicalDirection
Instagram: BreyIgnighted119

Well, that's all for now. Bye y'all!

  • Listening to: Best Song Ever- One Direction
  • Reading: Gonzo- Hunter S Thompson
  • Watching: Law and Order: SVU
  • Playing: Animal Crossing New Leaf
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew

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Artist | Student | Other
United States
I'm on MCR's website, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, Pintrest, Kik, Snapchat, Vine, theHunt, buzzfeed, Beautylish, and MakeupSocial. All under miriamscully119

Stressed. Depressed. Band Obsessed.

Hi I'm miriamscully119 and I'm your not so average girl. I like Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Hunter S. Thompson, Grav3yardgirl, John Green, Hank Green, and scifi make-up art.

My dream is to become a professional make-up artist and work with the greats. I really want to be a monster maker; I want to make the horrors come true. Most importantly I want to make people who they want to be. That's what makeup is to me; it's making people what they want to be.


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